NFC-enabled mobile phone in everyone’s pocket

Twinlinx created the NFC sticker, named Twinee, which allows to add NFC capability to any mobile phone.

Thanks to Twinee, any mobile phone can be turned into a payment terminal.

Twinee works with Android, J2ME and iOS mobile phones, other platforms are under integration. Twinee is compatible with mobile phones integrating natively the NFC technology and offers similar user experience.

Twinee is thin and decorative thanks to its epoxy packaging able to integrate a full range of colourful logos.

Twinee is made to allow our customers to implement their NFC application in a fully independent way and to deploy it very fast at a low cost, much faster and cheaper than it could happen with the NFC phones as there no need to convince consumers to change their phones.

Our continuous R&D efforts are focused on making the next generations of the stickers thinner, cheaper, more visually attractive to consumers and able to integrate in the future other value added functionalities.